The next meeting will be 6:30 PM, Thursday,  1 August 2019.   The meeting focus will be a 'Welcome Back' Potluck.  Sandwiches will be provided.   Side dishes and drinks are needed.  We will be collecting school supplies for the students of Franklin Elementary School.  

The September meeting focus will be a viewing of Session One of Susan Cottrell's  'Parent Course.'   Susan Cottrell is a prominent voice for faith parents of LGBTQIA children.

Click on the video image to watch it. You can take most videos full screen.

Be Someone's Hero

Two Lesbians Raise a Baby


Just The Way You Are-
(It Gets Better/The Trevor Project Montage)


 Transgender Youth 101


Betty DeGeneres

Leaving No One Behind

How To Start a Gay Straight Alliance

Tony Campolo


 It Gets Better

Student Non-Discrimination Act

Love No Matter What